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The Homo Faber vision is a world where people can enjoy a vast catalogue of rights and freedoms that guarantee them empowerment and the possibility to satisfy their needs as individuals and as part of a group. It is a world where people, both individually and collectively, have an influence on the reality around them, both at the local and global level.
Homo Faber is a Lublin NGO working in the field of human rights. The association was established in 2004 and has the status of a public benefit organisation.
The organisation’s main interest is the relation between an individual and the authorities. One of Homo Faber’s aims is to constructively monitor whether the authorities effectively fulfil their duties and whether they respect human rights and freedoms.
The association acts on behalf of minority groups and those excluded; it confronts all kinds of discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, skin colour, religion, language, age and sexual orientation.
Homo Faber tries to keep trace of the challenges that contemporary states face, to identify the newly emergent social phenomena, to ask questions and look for feasible solutions.
The organisation operates in the area of Lublin and Lublin Province, an area tragically marked by the 20th century history. This previously multicultural region has experienced the most drastic instances of large-scale human rights violation by chauvinistic nationalism, Nazism and Communism. This difficult heritage provides a strong motivation for action.
Homo Faber’s methods of activism consist of education, monitoring and advocacy

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