• Faculty : The Faculty of Humanities
  • Degrees available:

    Undergraduate program – leading to a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree, open to secondary school graduates who have passed high-school leaving exam

    Master’s program – leading to a master’s degree, open to those holding a bachelor’s degree

    Doctoral program – leading to a doctoral degree, open to those holding a master’s degree or equivalent

    Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree may enroll in extension /continuing education programs

    Full-time Master’s Programs
  • Language: Polish

Conference Interpreting & Translation

The focus of programme is to provide students with a comprehensive conference interpreting training during which they will be able to develop general interpreting, active listening and note-taking skills, as well as specialised consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills.

Full-time graduate programme

  • english
  • german

After graduation,students can be employed in the following areas:

  • Offices and agencies of the translation (as a subcontractor)
  • International institutions (eg., The European Union, the United Nations - Conference translation)
  • Public institutions in the country and abroad (eg. Hospitals, police stations, government offices, banks - Environmental translation)
  • Non-governmental organizations (foundations and associations - conference interpreting and environmental)
  • The private sector (business translation, translation cabin, consecutive, environmental translation)
  • Tourism (consecutive and simultaneous)

Maria Curie Skłodowska University
Online Application System

Bachelor and Master programmes taught in English
Enolment enquiries:
International Student Office
Phone: +48 81 537 29 26
hrs. 8.00 – 15.00

Admissions Office
pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 5
20-031 Lublin
tel. +48 81 537 58 80
hrs. 9.00-14.30

Courses of Polish language
The Polish Language and Culture Centre for Polish People from Abroad and Foreigners
ul. Weteranow 18
20-038 Lublin, Poland
tel. + 48 81 533 27 86 or +48 81 537 28 76
fax + 48 81 537 56 15
cbybavn@cbpmgn.hzpf.yhoyva.cy http://www.umcs.pl/en/cjkp-en.htm

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