• Faculty : Międzywydziałowych Indywidualnych Studiów Humanistycznych
  • Degrees available:

    Undergraduate program – leading to a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree, open to secondary school graduates who have passed high-school leaving exam

    Master’s program – leading to a master’s degree, open to those holding a bachelor’s degree

    Doctoral program – leading to a doctoral degree, open to those holding a master’s degree or equivalent

    Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree may enroll in extension /continuing education programs

    Full-time Undergraduate Programs , Full-time Master’s Programs , Full-time Straight-to-Master’s Programs
  • Language: Polish

College of Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

If you want to:

  • freely avail yourself of the offer of 17 different courses of study,
  • get a diploma in multiple courses of study,
  • study the subjects you are really interested in,
  • stay under the tutelage of your personal tutor and prepare the schedule of your studies by yourself,
  • benefit from the assistance of the best specialists chosen by yourself,
  • complete part of your studies at other famous universities in Poland or abroad,
  • develop your interests and passions,

Join our College - with us all this is possible!

Our students:

  • participate in interfaculty academic projects,
  • take part in the intercollegiate Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies “Artes Liberales”,
  • work in non-governmental organizations and cultural associations,
  • win most scholarships in programmes such as MOST and ERASMUS, as well as receive academic awards from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
  • organize interfaculty academic sessions and meetings with well-known personalities of cultural and political life,
  • win the majority of foreign scholarships.

The College of MISH gives the student an opportunity to get one or two BA diplomas in first-cycle studies that last 3 years and one or two MA diplomas in second-cycle studies in the following faculties:

  • German Studies
  • Slavic Studies
  • Romance Studies
  • English Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • Polish Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Art History
  • Musicology
  • Pedagogy
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • History

In the case of subjects such as Law, Theology and Psychology, which in Poland are still organized as uniform master-level, 5-year studies and do not offer a BA degree, students of our College have the opportunity to get an MA degree under the condition that in the course of their studies they first get a BA diploma at any faculty (within the College of MISH) that offers this kind of degree. This can be done within 6 years, provided the students legally extend their studies to get both diplomas.

The Regulations of the College of MISH require that "at least half of the faculties federated in the College of MISH should have the certificate of the quality of education (given by the University Commission of Accreditation)”. This rule guarantees our students the highest level of education.

College MISHuS
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Al. Raclawicka 14, 20-950 Lublin

Collegium Norwidianum, def. 012
def. CN - 012 (ground floor)
tel. +48 81 445 41 76

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