• Faculty : Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Degrees available:

    Undergraduate program – leading to a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree, open to secondary school graduates who have passed high-school leaving exam

    Master’s program – leading to a master’s degree, open to those holding a bachelor’s degree

    Doctoral program – leading to a doctoral degree, open to those holding a master’s degree or equivalent

    Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree may enroll in extension /continuing education programs

    Full-time Undergraduate Programs
  • Language: Polish

International Relations

Study International relations at the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II are addressed to people interested in the current transformations taking place in the international community in the political, economic, military and cultural area. It is worth noting that the progressive integration processes and globalization make it a growing demand for professionals in this issue. Graduates of international relations may find employment not only in the diplomatic service, state institutions or local authorities. They are also sought after employees in the media, states and przywatncyh instyctucjach analytical, international corporations or NGOs.

It is worth noting that in many prominent politicians, diplomats and their fates intertwined with the Catholic University of Lublin university which enjoys an excellent reputation internationally. The high level of teaching ensures well-prepared faculty. Our employees have a wealth of knowledge and international experience. Cooperate with leading scientific centers of the West (for example, Oxford University, Harvard University) and the East (Russian Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences). also participate in a number of research projects with Polish scientific institutions, inter alia institute of Central and Eastern Europe, Polish Academy of Sciences, the National Defence Academy, Centre for Eastern Studies, Polish Institute of International Affairs.

The program of international relations is so composed that a future graduate acquired the knowledge, skills and kopetencje necessary for future employment. Full-time students will attend inter alia In the activities of European integration, international law, economics, foreign policy, diplomacy, international security.

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Institute of Political Science and International Affairs

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