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Theology -Third degree studies – doctoral studies (PhD studies)

Systematic Theology

Faculty of Theology offers four-year doctoral studies in systematic theology in English. The studies are offered to the foreign students who have a Master's Diploma in theology (or equivalent, according to Polish law and canon law of the Roman Catholic Church). Studies in the doctoral course of systematic theology deepen general knowledge in humanities, provide profound knowledge of Christianity and Roman Catholic doctrine, especially of the Catholic faith from biblical, dogmatic, moral, spiritual, ecumenical and fundamental-theological perspectives. A graduate is prepared for independent research and scholarly work in the field of Catholic theology and possesses adequate competences to fulfill various tasks in the Church and society in the domain of transmitting the faith. A graduate - after having defended a doctoral thesis - obtains a diploma of Doctor of Theology (Sacrae Theologiae Doctor) and is prepared to give lectures on various issues concerning systematic theology.

The studies last four years (8 semesters), divided into two parts. The first two years are filled with lectures, conversations (workshops) and seminars (540 hours per year). At the end of the second year there is an exam required by the Congregation for Catholic Teaching. Sucessful students obtain the diploma of licentiate in theology (licentiatus in sacra theologia). Two consecutive years are focused on writing and correcting the doctoral thesis (the lectures and seminars are limited to 60 hours per year).

The program, conducted entirely in the English language and designed to be completed in four years (8 semesters), is filled with lectures, conversations (workshops) and seminars. The first (propaedeutic) year is dedicated mostly to study of the primary biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek. It also includes lectures on archaeology, geography, and Biblical history. In their second year, students continue honing an in-depth knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, along with additional courses in Aramaic, textual criticism, introductions to OT and NT, biblical hermeneutics, and the methodology of biblical studies. The third year is dominated by monographic courses in areas of exegesis and biblical theology; at the end of the year there is an exam required by the Congregation for Catholic Teaching, and successful students obtain the diploma of licentiate in theology (sacrae theologiae licentiatus). The final, fourth year of studies is dedicated to the writing and perfecting of the student’s doctoral dissertation. A graduate, after successfully defending the doctoral thesis, obtains the diploma of Doctor of Sacred Theology (Sacrae Theologiae Doctor) and is then fully equipped for independent research and scholarly work in the field of biblical studies. Beyond this, he/she will also possess the competencies needed to fulfill a range of ministry tasks within both the Church and society, always with the focus of transmitting the faith, regardless of the specific level or context.

Biblical Studies
The doctoral curriculum offered by the IBS/CUL is closely correlated with that of the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Biblicum) in Rome. The exams in biblical Greek and Hebrew at the end of the first propaedeutic year at IBS/CUL are administered with the participation of representatives from Rome; accordingly, these exams are recognized also by the Biblicum, should a student decide to pursue further studies there. In fact, the level of instruction offered in biblical languages – Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic (with the option of also studying Coptic) – is equal to that provided by the most esteemed centers of Biblical studies in the world.

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