• Faculty : I Medical Faculty with Dentistry Division
  • Degrees available:

    Undergraduate program – leading to a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree, open to secondary school graduates who have passed high-school leaving exam

    Master’s program – leading to a master’s degree, open to those holding a bachelor’s degree

    Doctoral program – leading to a doctoral degree, open to those holding a master’s degree or equivalent

    Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree may enroll in extension /continuing education programs

    Full-time Undergraduate Programs
  • Language: Polish

Dental Hygiene

Program includes the training of basic theoretical disciplines of medical sciences, social sciences and professional education in dental technique.

A graduate Dental hygiene receives bachelor degree, which allows to study the second degree.

Immediately after graduation, the graduate should have knowledge and skills to undertake work in dental offices of public and private health care institutions and first aid in kindergartens and schools in order to organize and conduct dental activity preventive and curative and conducting medical documentation according to the latest standards.

I Medical Faculty with Dentistry Division
Al. Racławickie 1 (Collegium Novum)
20-059 Lublin
E-mail: 1jlqmyrx@hzyho.cy
Phone: +48 81448 6000

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Department of Education Quality Evaluation/Recruitment office
Al. Racławickie 1
20-059 Lublin
E-mail: erxehgnpwn@hzyho.cy
Phone: +48 81 448 5073
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