• Faculty : Faculty of Transport and Informatics
  • Degrees available:

    Undergraduate program – leading to a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree, open to secondary school graduates who have passed high-school leaving exam

    Master’s program – leading to a master’s degree, open to those holding a bachelor’s degree

    Doctoral program – leading to a doctoral degree, open to those holding a master’s degree or equivalent

    Students holding a bachelor’s or master’s degree may enroll in extension /continuing education programs

    Full-time Master’s Programs
  • Language: English


 Degree: Master's degree
 Mode: Full-time
 Duration: 1,5 years / 3 semesters
 Language: English

Poczta Polska is a well-known capital group, which is a dominant Polish postal operator, a major player on the financial services market, a company with growing shares on a courier and logistics services market, and a leader on cash logistics services market. We highly appreciate cooperation with the Faculty of Transport and Computer Science at WSEI. We offer the possibility to undertake students internships by WSEI students, which contributes to deepening of practical knowledge of the rolling stock operation and logistics. We have been also engaged into the internship program for the University graduates. Being committed and enthusiastic the company is looking for talents among students and graduates. At the same time the company helps to adapt transport and logistics learning programs at the University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin to the requirements of the modern market.
Jan Nikoniuk, Head of the Department of Distribution POL RD in Lublin

There were several reasons which persuaded me to study at WSEI. I had to make my 14-year professional experience more profound with theoretical knowledge. When I speak about knowledge gaining I do not mean just getting a diploma, but a real acquisition of new competence. Monitoring universities within 3-hour trip by car from my home, I came to the conclusion that WSEI staff meet my high expectations. At the Transport studies professional knowledge is given by specialists who are not theorists, but people with experience and professional passion. During my studies I was often positively surprised by the way of teaching, starting from specialized laboratories as well as interesting exercises in e-learning classes. Personally for me classes held by qualified staff on strictly professional programmes, such as Anylogic, were of great importance. The opportunity to study this programme gives unlimited possibilities in design of models maximally close to reality. In addition WSEI staff at the Transport studies appeared to be open to the offers of interesting theoretical and practical experiments. While preparing a final thesis I was worried that lack of time caused by foreign delegations would make it difficult for me to finish the work. In that case the promoter approach turned out to be invaluable, what I am sincerely grateful for. Being on the 7th semester of studies I do not regret my choice. I recommend WSEI with all my heart, so much more that in one of dining rooms a delicious żurek is served for 6 Polish zloty.
Jurek Patroń, Student of Transport Studies

Advantages of the course

  • full knowledge of motor and railway vehicles construction and operation
  • knowledge of organization and management methods of transport systems
  • knowledge of CAD/CAM programmes makes it possible to get a job in project and construction offices (SolidEdge, Autodesk)
  • knowledge of modelling and stress-analysis programmes by applying finite elements method (Ansys)
  • knowledge of computer programmes which support the work of car experts
  • knowledge of programmes for modelling and optimization of transport and logistics chains (AnyLogic)
  • knowledge of programmes for risk modelling in transport processes


  1. Transport logistic systems and management
  2. Information Systems of Transport

Interesting topics discussed during the studies

  • The use of genetic algorithms to optimize transport routes
  • Modelling and optimization of transport processes
  • High speed rail vehicles
  • Modelling and analysis of crossing capacity
  • On-board diagnostics by applying CAN vehicle bus
  • Use of drive recorders for accident reconstruction
  • Intelligent vehicle in road conditions

Transport graduate – career prospects

  • Own transport company
  • Technology specialist on marshalling yards and manoeuvre areas
  • Expeditor
  • Technical vehicle repair and maintenance organizations
  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Motor vehicle insurance sector
  • Road traffic inspection
  • Transport research branches
  • Transport systems design
  • Logistician
  • Service manager
  • Vehicle recycling

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