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Tourism and Hospitality Management


Tourism and Hospitality Management is a multidisciplinary field of study, which prepares people for managing various institutions within the hospitality industry, and for providing food, accommodation and tourism services. The main aim of Tourism and Hospitality Management BA degree programme is to educate highly qualified specialists, endowed with broad theoretical and practical knowledge of tourism, which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, playing a crucial role in the global economy.

Our 3-year full-time BA Tourism and Hospitality Management programme combines theoretical and practical aspects of tourism. Academic teachers of Tourism and Hospitality Management are highly qualified specialists working in Lublin and Warsaw academic centres, having good methodological, factual and vocational preparation for teaching. Students have the opportunity to choose one of two interesting specialities: Hospitality Management or Tourism Management. Our university offers not only traditional study subjects, but also the opportunity to act in science clubs and Active Tourism Club, and to gain many additional qualifications e.g. a trip guide, a tourist guide, a summer camp career and a holiday place manager. Students can also learn from professionals during guest lectures organized at our University, and visits to hotels, theatres, touristic sites and entertainment venues.

Practical training plays an important role in preparing students to meet the requirements of the job market. That is why, there are various placement opportunities available locally, nationally and internationally. Practical training settings in Lublin include the Europa Hotel and the Grand Hotel, whereas international settings include hotels and holiday resorts in such countries as Greece or Spain.

The graduates of Ba Tourism and Hospitality Management have sufficient qualifications for working in travel agencies, hotels and eating places, sports centres, holiday and recreational centres, state and self-government administration, and social organizations. They are also prepared for starting their own business. Positions held by the graduates in the above-mentioned hospitality areas are highly varied and challenging, and include a leisure centre manager, hotel manager, guest services manager, business centre manager, head of sales and marketing, and a quality advisor.

General entry requirements:
International students applying to our University have to submit documents confirming their graduation from a secondary school or a university. Certificates and diplomas issued abroad must be officially legalized and recognized in Poland.

Language requirements: 
International students must submit a document confirming their knowledge of English, or are required to a attend an English language course. This requirement does not apply to students for whom English is a native language or was a language of instruction at school.
International students should demonstrate that they meet one of the following minimum language requirements:

  • TOEFL test with a score of at least 550,
  • IELTS test with a score of at least 6.0 for Bachelor and Master studies,
  • FCE test with grade B.

Dean of Studies in English
Monika Wróbel M.A.

International Recruitment Manager

Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Studies in English:
ul. Choiny 2 r. 60
20-816 Lublin, Poland
Phone: +48 81 740 25 04

Professor Agnieszka Pedrycz – Wieczorska M.D. Ph.D.

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